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The Modernist Architecture of Skopje


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Title: Modernist Architecture of Skopje
Author: Vasilka Dimitrovska
Publisher: HAEMUS
Publication date: September 2020
Language: English
ISBN:  /
Format: e-Book
Available: For Kindle and Android Phones



Following the devastating earthquake that struck Skopje on 26 July 1963, eighty-eight countries worldwide offered their tremendous human and financial assistance. Skopje suffered a disaster, but it was reconstructed and became the pride of the brotherhood and unity of Yugoslavia at that time and a symbol of global solidarity. After the earthquake, we experienced an architectural expansion and, in a short period, from a city of debris, Skopje transformed into a modern city following all global architectural movements of that time.

The purpose of this book is to show the development of the city of Skopje and its modernist architecture in socialist times. The buildings belong to different movements of modern architecture, but still play a vital role in the economic, cultural, and political life of the city of Skopje. The information is intended for all aficionados of architecture, especially the brutalist movement in architecture, since Skopje is considered to have the largest collection of brutalist concrete buildings that reflect this inspiring cosmic and undefined spatial design architecture.

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The application is complemented with info on the buildings, as well as recommendations for itineraries and walks throughout the magnificent examples of Skopje’s modernist architecture, offering a glimpse in the human connection of the places that are still shaping the local communities.

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