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Ancient Roman Spa tour

Ancient Roman Bath at Bansko

The focus of this full day tour in Strumica region is given to the one of the best European preserved Ancient Roman bath (Thermae) at Banja Bansko, followed by visit of unique Monospitovo wetland and enjoining the Smolare waterfall, one of many waterfalls adapted for the tourists at Belasica Mountain. The main aim of this excursion is promotion and popularization of rich cultural and natural heritage in the Southeastern part of Macedonia. The tour is enriched by many local stories as well as with a lot of scientific and educational material prepared for each participant.

The Roman Thermae “Banja Bansko”

Discovered in 1978, during foundations digging for the hotel “Car Samoil”, the site “Roman Thermae” is one of the rare preserved Roman monuments of this kind in Europe. It is located in the village of Bansko, 12 km South-East of Strumica, at the foot of the mountain Belasica. Nowadays in the thermae there are 11 rooms with a total usable area of 623m². The preservation is most pronounced in the room that used to be a sauna, and in the room that used to be a frigidarium there is a pool that was filled with cold water, while the dome over the bath is still complete. In all of the unearthed chambers the floors made of brick and mortar are thoroughly preserved. In this building, which is a must visit destination for all of the tourists in Strumica and its region, also remained the complete floor and wall warming system, with all of its elements.

The Roman Thermae in Bansko village

Monospitovo Wetland

In the past this used to be a big lake, a home to prehistoric flora and fauna. Today, a shelter for rare and endemic organisms, Monospitovo Wetland near Strumica represents a true challenge for various profiles of scientists who are doing their researches here for decades. During the past few years, financed by the European funds, the space of this natural museum is renewed with platforms, a network of wooden pathways over the swamp and wooden birdhouses where visitors can observe various kinds of birds. Thus, tourists can enjoy the beautiful natural setting of one the rare and unique ecosystems in the Balkans, feeling the smell of the algae, reeds, fern, and listening to the sound of the marsh birds.

Monospitovo wetland, home to many endemic animals

The Waterfalls on Belasica

Strong, powerful and lush like a true mountain, in historical sources Belasica is known after the fall of the emperor Samuil, who in 1014 AD suffered his worst defeat at this mountain. Today, besides the abundance of history and archaeology, this location is home to countless fresh water and hot springs, and to a few waterfalls of which, by their tectonics and morphology, the most prominent are the Gabrovo, Koleshino, and Smolare waterfalls. Extremely visited by home and foreign visitors alike, these locations have an excellent signal system and tourist-friendly adapted pathways, where the freshness of greenery is the inseparable part of enjoying the nature.

On the platform in front of the Smolare waterfall at the Mountain Belasica, specially adapted for the tourists


Itinerary: Ancient Roman bath (Bansko) – Monospitovo wetland (Monospitovo) – Smolarski waterfall (Smolare)

Departure: at request
Duration: 8-10 hours
Time: at request
Guide: Professional licensed tourist guide and archaeologist
Price: 105 EUR per person

Included: Licensed guide; transport, snacks, coffee brakes, lunch
Excluded: Gratuities (optional)
Getting around: Walking, Light hiking
Minimum people required: 3
Maximum people allowed: 6

You can book a tour, or you can contact us in the following ways:
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By phone: 00 389 77 432 861

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Unqualified guides аrе illegal in Macedonia.
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