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If you are specializing in a study abroad programs for university groups in Europe

As a domestic coordinator HAEMUS Travel team is focused on the logistics of the tour to create an unforgettable experience for our student groups and help students and faculty leaders to discover Macedonia through educational travel.

Educational tour of Skopje with high school students from Nish, Serbia

We are talented, dedicated, educated and well-organized team of professionals in cultural heritage tourism. Our mission is to develop and deliver customized education programs with strong academic and cultural components in close partnership with elementary and high schools, faculty leaders and administrators at colleges and universities around the world who want to visit and experienced Macedonia, its culture and traditions.

Educational tour through the Ottoman heritage of Skopje with kids from elementary school, Old Bazaar, Skopje


 Deliver a high level of customer service and traveler satisfaction
 Provide detailed information about Skopje and its public transportation system and give suggestions about what to do in the region
 Take care of the logistics of the tour (e.g. lead the group to the business/cultural visits, airport/train pick-up etc.)
 Orientation walking tour and introduction to the Macedonian culture on the arrival day
 Deal directly with students’ issues and/or concerns and be their contact person for questions, problems, and emergencies (e.g. seeing a doctor).

Educational tour in Ohrid with the students from advanced Master in Conservation of Monuments and Sites from the “Raymond Lemaire International Centre for Conservation (RLICC)”, Leuven Belgium, 29.04.2019


 Fluency in English and Macedonian
Very good organizational and communication skills
 Distinctive service orientation and ability to deal with stressful circumstances
 Very good problem-solving skills
 Reliability, flexibility, and open-mindedness
 Experience in similar jobs preferred

The members of the American Research Center in Sofia (ARCS) in 2014 during their visit of the Republic of Macedonia were guests of HAEMUS and HAEMUS Travel and they were hosted with a walking tour through the historical and modern part of the city