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Family and Small Group Tours

If you want to spend an exciting, but still private trip in Macedonia, we are very experienced in small group tours, making a foray especially in family-friendly itineraries. For each of your requests we can make you tailor made tour to discover the multiculturalism and richness of Macedonian heritage. We create carefully the trips which are combination of experiences and leisure time designed specifically for the group request.

Before the departure, you will get printed materials created by HAEMUS Travel heritage expert team to inform and prepare every member of the private tour or family, about their upcoming adventure trip in Macedonia.

⏩ Tailor made itinerary
⏩ Note book about the places
⏩ Education
⏩ Interaction
⏩ Balance of cultural & natural heritage
⏩ Local guides
⏩ Lectures by experts
⏩ Exploring
⏩ Adventure
⏩ Unique experience
⏩ Safe travel
⏩ 24/7 support


During the tour, on your request we can provide you with interactive activities (workshops, cooking classes etc.) and chatting with experts in storytelling, wildlife, culture, art, archaeology, history, and geography.