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Postcard from the Jewish quarter of Skopje (mid 20 of the 20th century)

The first story you will hear about Jewish people in Macedonia is not about the WWII and the Holocaust. It’s about the famous “Singer” sewing machine. You will find that a lot of Macedonian families posses some type of this “Singer” machines as a personal belonging, or as a memory of some Jewish friend they had, who borrowed them a “Singer” to keep it if he gets back from the concentration camp Treblinka in Poland. Unfortunately, of almost 8000 deported Jewish people during the WWII from Macedonia, only few came back. The truth is that this sewing machines are made so good, they are used even today. And this kind of heritage is reminding us on our local history that shouldn’t be forgotten.

The “Singer” type sewing machine tell the local story about Jewish people in Macedonia (private collection of HAEMUS Travel)

Experience the abundant Jewish history in Macedonia by visiting the Jewish quarter of Skopje with its Memorial museum of the Holocaust and Stobi, the largest archaeological site in the Republic of Macedonia, where a lot of ancient synagogues from 1-4th century are preserved.

The tour includes Skopje with the Museum of the Holocaust where you can literally step in history. The modern museum dedicated to the Jewish people, stands in the heart of what was once the city’s Jewish quarter, in the center of Skopje,between the famous Stone Bridge and the Old Town. Dedicated to the Jews from Macedonia, it is considered to be the fourth biggest museum from its kind in the world. Among the artifacts, three urns can be found in the museum, contain the ashes of Jews originating from Macedonia, who were killed in Treblinka during World War II.

Some history about Stobi

The ancient town of Stobi is mentioned for the first time in 197 B.C., but the beginnings of the town can be traced back at least 400 years earlier. The preserved buildings of the town include a theater built in the 2nd century A.D., luxurious palaces with fountains and mosaics, as well as church buildings of basilica type with floor mosaics, wall mosaics and fresco-paintings. The Partenius’ palace, where King Theodosius was a guest in 388 A.D. and the Peristerius’ and Partinius’ palaces are also of exceptional beauty. A total of 18 floor mosaics have been discovered in Stobi, all illustrating stylized animals worked in soft green, deep blue, ocher and reddish tones. (more info)

In 2018 HAEMUS and HAEMUS Travel team were shooting promotional documentary at Stobi. The Polycharmos palace, a luxury II century AD private house of a rich Jewish nobleman decorated with wonderful floor mosaics, was a chosen location where most of our video shooting took place

Departure: at request
Duration: 5-6 hours
Time: at request
Guide: Professional licensed tourist guide with title in archaeology or history
Priceper tour, not per person

1-3 persons 200€
4-7 persons 280€
8-12 persons 350€


Included: Tour organization, pickup and drop-off, transport + driver, licensed guide, tickets, snacks, water, coffee breaks
Excluded: Gratuities (optional)
Getting around: Walking

You can book a tour, or you can contact us in the following ways:
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Unqualified guides аrе illegal in the Republic of Macedonia.

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