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Build & Fresco Paint your own Byzantine Church

Walk with us through the oldest Byzantine churches and monasteries in Skopje and learn the basic architectonic elements and iconographic cycles of the Medieval art and painting. The online experience is supported by a lot of original photos and videos.

🕛 Duration – 1 hour
👥 Group size – Up to 10 people
📅 Includes – Equipment
💻 Media – Online
🗨 Hosted in English


  • Learn about the main architectonic element of a Byzantine church
  • Pass a short lesson about the main cycles of the fresco painting
  • Admire of the most beautiful Medieval frescos
  • Discover about Emperors and local people have forgotten with centuries
  • Walk into the oldest churches and monasteries
  • Enjoy the countryside landscape of Skopje


Byzantine architecture is the architecture of the Byzantine Empire. Skopje as a part of this empire during the centuries has a lot of heritage, mostly in the shape of churches and monasteries. These churches are among the most valuable monuments of the middle age architecture around Skopje, the capital of Macedonia.

Throughout this experience, you will walk into some of the oldest churches and monasteries in Skopje, you will learn the main architectonic elements of the Byzantine church, main cycles of the iconography, their position on the walls and how to recognize the 12 big feasts. No previous knowledge about architecture or iconography is needed.


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