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Who hid Iustiniana Prima bellow Skopje’s Old Bazaar

An exciting virtual journey dedicated to Iustiniana Prima, a lost city from antiquity built by Justinian I as a seat of his archbishopric.

The package has everything you’ll need to enjoy in the mysteries of the antiquity. This virtual field trip package includes the following:

– The video recording of the virtual tour.
– A printout booklet with information about every place, monument and site included in the tour.
– A few books for downloading to increase your knowledge about the topic
– Recommended literature for most eager researchers
– A tailor-made Iustiniana Prima Balkan Itinerary for gaining deeper knowledge about the period
– A file with instructions for using the manual

The virtual tour about Iustiniana Prima is originally created by HAEMUS and HAEMUS Travel. The storytelling upon original facts and artifacts is made by an archaeologist who is both, heritage interpreter and professional tourist guide.