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Skopje Communist tour is inspired both, from the communist era architecture in which people still lives and their local memory about the socialism period.


  • See the concrete architecture
  • Listening to the local stories they are written nowhere
  • Witness of the ongoing communist traditions still in practice
  • Opportunity to talk with the locals
  • Special lecture by expert in modern history

🕛 Duration – up to 1,5 hours
👥 Group size – variable
📅 Includes – Licensed guide
💻 Media – Maps, Drawings, Videos during the tour
🗨  Hosted in English
🎁 Gift: it will be delivered after the trip as a surprise 

The tour is currently postponed to late spring!

Price base on:

Number of guests1-45-1011-2020+
Price per person€85€90€100€5

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Part 1 Architecture of Hope

Not quite an ordinary excursion, Skopje Communist tour in the first part is focused on the visit of the architecture which flourished from 1951-1975, having descended from the modernist architectural movement of the early 20th century. Overlapping with the socialism as a way of life and in line with the world trend, from the 1960s until the 1980s, in Skopje there are many objects with the characteristics of Brutalism. The style flourished especially after the disastrous earthquake in 1963, when Skopje was rebuilt mainly in concrete, which gave the city its recognizable image still visible in everyday life. In this part of the tour we will see, talk and explain the Parliament building, the Telecommunication Center and Post office (Part of MoMa exhibition in NY in 2018), as well as the apartment buildings from the master plan of Japanese architect Kenzo Tange who was assigned to reshape Skopje after the earthquake with the new architecture of hope.

Telecommunication center in Skopje in brutalism style architecture

Part 2 The Communist era Buildings Truly Talks

Have you ever been into a building with a lot of apartments which has its own cinema, ping-pong hall, canteen, joint laundry rooms, children playgrounds and green areas? The last part of the Skopje Communist tour is focused on the way the people lived and interact in the public space during communism and socialism. We will visit the Railway Workers’ Residential Complex constructed at the end of 1950s, which is the first multi-family apartment building in Macedonia and an example of the perfection of integration in the formulation of an apartment block. Its organization of the apartments and the contemporary and standard comfort was inspired by the developed and well-organized apartment construction in the Netherlands, Denmark, Germany and Switzerland.

At the end of the tour, in the courtyard of the building, there will be a special lecture by an expert in modern history, who will join the group.

Railway Workers’ Residential Complex


Part 3 (Optional) Museum of Communism and Socialism

The Museum of the Macedonian Struggle for Sovereignty and Independence is the national institution dedicated to contemporary history and local memory is located in the center of Skopje and comprise exhibits starting with the resistance movement against the Ottoman rule (19th century) and ending in front of the original copy of the declaration of independence of Macedonia from Yugoslavia, which the country gained on 08 September 1991.

The wax figures in the Museum of Macedonian struggle of Tito, the president of ex-Yugoslavia (left) and Lazar Kolishevski, the president of the Central Committee of the CPM/UCM (right)


Itinerary: Parliament of Macedonia, Telecommunication center and post office, City Wall, Railway Workers’ Residential Complex.

Departure: at request
Duration: 3-3,5 hours
Time: at request
Guide: Professional licensed tourist guide

Included: Licensed guide; coffee break, water, expert in contemporary history
Getting around: Walking

Unqualified guides аrе illegal in Macedonia.
Make sure your tourist guide is licensed!