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The “Martinki” Custom – a creative booklet for kids



The “Martinki” custom is a children creative booklet created with a lot of love by the HAEMUS team. 😍 Through visualization, the spring joyful tradition related with the UNESCO’s protected custom “Grandma March Day” is explained to the smallest details. Publication is available in Macedonian, Albanian, Turkish and English language.

Title: The “Martinki” custom
Author: Vasilka Dimitrovska
Publisher: HAEMUS
Publication date: 2021
Language: Macedonian, Albanian, English, Turkish
Number of pages: 20
Size: 150×150 mm
ISBN: 978-608-65538-8-3
COBISS.MK-ID: 53166597
Format: Paperback

🎁 Gift: the purchased booklet is followed by a handmade martinka from the HAEMUS team

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About HAEMUS and the “Martinki” custom

The “Martininki” custom in 2017 was inscribed on the UNESCO Representative List. The Macedonian part of the application is based, among other things, on the written support provided by HAEMUS, which as a civil society organization became the bearer of this cultural heritage from Macedonia to UNESCO. HAEMUS respects martinis as a world intangible cultural heritage and nurtures them in the spirit of tradition, in all forms and ways that would contribute to their wider promotion.

In order to visually present the practice of making and giving martinis to their loved ones, the HAEMUS team made illustrated textbooks for children. This visual creative textbook is in Macedonian, but Albanian, Turkish and English language versions of the “Martinki” custom are also available, as well as two coloring books for children in Macedonian and English.

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Albanian, English, Macedonian, Turkish