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Skopje Ottoman heritage tour


Ottoman heritage tour of Skopje with Vasilka Dimitrovska, professional archaeologist and professional tourist guide, director of HAEMUS and founder of HAEMUS Travel

Ottoman heritage tour of Skopje includes the following monuments: Sultan Murat mosque (with clock tower), Gazi Isa Bey Mosque, Ishak Beg (Aladza) Mosque, the old part of town (Kurshumli Inn, Bezisten, Suli Inn, Chifte Hammam, Kapan Inn, Daut Pasha Hammam, the кülliye of Skopje, Mustafa Pasha Mosque) as well as the Ottoman period of the Skopje Fortress.

The architectural heritage of the Ottoman Empire (1392-1912/13) left impressive monuments in Skopje, mostly visible in the old part of the city. These buildings suffered from the earthquake in 1555, the great fire from the Austrian general Piccolomini in 1689, as well as the fire in Skopje from 1910 and the disastrous earthquake in 1963. These monuments have been restored and rebuilt many times, and today, beside the status of monuments of culture, they have a new purpose in the cultural life of Macedonia.

Probably the most intriguing part of Skopje is the old part of the city known as the Old Bazaar. The old part of Skopje is a mixture of churches, mosques, inns, hammams, public fountains and a lot of other structures which represent an architectural complex protected by the law as the cultural heritage since 2008. During the tour there is an opportunity for lunch in the restaurants or enjoying in a lot of authentic cafe bars situated within the Old Bazaar.

Ottoman heritage of Skopje


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Vasilka Dimitrovska (direcor of HAEMUS Travel, archaeologist and professional tourist guide is guiding visitors at the Skopje’s кülliye (left) and Mustafa Pasha mosque (right)



Mustafa Pasha Mosque (1492), Skopje, Republic of Macedonia

Departure: from meeting point
Departure time: at request
Duration: 1,5-3 hours
Guide: Vasilka Dimitrovska, M. Sci in archaeology and professional tourist guide
Price: 35 EUR per person

Included: Licensed guide; water, Turkish tea and ashure
Getting around: Walking
Minimum people required: 3
Maximum people allowed: 6

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Unqualified guides аrе illegal in Macedonia. Make sure your tourist guide is licensed!

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