The water mills at the Skopje’s Holly Mountain


Due to its location in the vicinity of Skopje, Skopska Crna Gora Mountain (Skopje’s Black Mountain) provides magnificent pleasure in both, nature and cultural heritage. The landscape is intersected with many picturesque valleys and watercourses, favorable climate lush in flora and fauna, and side by side villages with authentic traditional architecture, beautiful vineyards, orchards, meadows and gardens with many sheepfolds and mills. A number of archaeological sites and especially the enormous concentration of preserved Byzantine churches on such a small area, gave this location its second name – the Holly Mountain. Different ethnicities, reflecting the multi-ethnic and multicultural Macedonia, can be seen in their traditional folk costumes and clothes embroideries.

The old windmills on the slopes of Skopska Crna Gora Mountain, along the Kucevishka River, are old rural architecture inherited from the previous centuries. As an authentic cultural heritage, they were a part of the economy in more than 10 villages in this Holly Mountain. Today, some of them need just a small financial support for reconstruction and with the nearby crop fields, they can become a sustainable business for those who love both, nature and heritage.

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