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VIP Private tours in Skopje and Macedonia

Dear customers,

If you want your guests or business partners to see Skopje, Kokino, Stobi, Heraclea Lyncestis as well as other famous archaeological sites, Byzantine churches maybe, museums or galleries and relax enjoying the sightseeing of places and monuments located in different cities and regions of  the country, we can allows you to do this satisfaction.

Our VIP guidance of the Prime Ministers Zaev and Tsipras wife during the historic meeting in Skopje (02.04.2019)

We are dedicated to giving to our clients an authentic experience of Macedonia’s rich history and culture. With a VIP experience guided tour, you’ll be led by an heritage expert through the most popular rides and attractions, plus enjoy a special benefits before, during or after your tour.

Accompanying Ms. Andreja Katič, ex Minister of Defense of Slovenia and Mr. Milan Jazbec, ambassador of Slovenia in Macedonia (left) and guiding high delegation from Egypt, guests of the President of Macedonia

We organize short walking tours and longer trips which are exclusively managed by experts who seriously work in the field of cultural heritage. These excursions are led by professional heritage experts (archaeologists, art historians, historians, ethnologists and tourism professionals) with qualified license for professional tour guidance.

Guiding Mr. Georges Santer, ambassador of Luxembourg in many European countries and currently a chairman of IHRA and liaison officer at UNESCO (10.03.2019).

In our portfolio we have recommendations of our long term customers who use our services: President of Macedonia, General Staff of the Army of Macedonia, Macedonian Ministry of Defense, Macedonian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Embassy of USA, Swiss Embassy, French Embassy, National Geographic, UNESCO, USAID, ALDA, local tourist agencies, Planning regions of Macedonia and others.

We are at your service with our high educated staff!

Guiding Ms. Alenka Ermenc, Chief of the General Staff of Slovenia (16.04.2019)